let my BRUSH tell your story


Masterly painting technique with a classical subject.  Lovely colours, light and shadows. (Jurors: Jody Joseph and George Wale.)

This stunning work revives traditional academic painting, bringing it into our midst. Palpable and dazzling, the rich textures, subtle tonal and colour shifts create an arresting memento mori/still life. A technical tour de force! (Olexander Wlasenko, Curator, Station Gallery, Whitby)


  • 2014, New Masters At The Columbus Centre, "A Taste Of Sicily"
  • 2014, ARC: Art Renewal Centre, International Competition, "Here There Be Dragons", Finalist in the Still Life Category (PAGE 145.)
  • 2013, Fine Arts Society of Milton, 2nd Annual Juried show, Two dimensional work,Lesley's Glasses, 2nd prize

  • 2013, Visual Arts Mississauga, 36th Annual Juried show of fine arts, Here There Be Dragons, Finalist
  • 2013, Clarington Visual Arts 33rd Annual Juried show, Lesley's Glasses, 1st prize "The Mayor's Award"

  • 2013, Through The Eyes Of The Artist, Lesley's Glasses, 1st prize

  • 2013, Raymar Art Competition, Lesley's Glasses, April Finalist

  • 2013, Raymar Art Competition, A Taste of Sicily, June Finalist

  • 2013, ARC: Art Renewal Centre, International Competition, Lesley's Glasses, Finalist in the Still Life Category (See PAGE 121).

Still life paintings 

Lesley's Glasses

Oil on canvas

​18" x 22"

My Life In Three Chapters


9" x 12"

There is an alluring appeal to the light cascading along the edges of the objects in this painting. I appreciate the skillful control of values

as the forms merge from darkness to light, and enjoy the grand red note as it lies comfortably within the yellow and green shapes.

(Kim Lordier)

Relatively "tight" realism without being photographic. Nice use of opposing lines in this arrangement with good value control. - (Jeff Legg)

Cinnamon and Cacao

Oil on canvas

​16" x 20"

Work in Progress

Here There Be Dragons

Oil on canvas

​16" x 16"

The first thing we responded with this work was its strong connection to the timeless Dutch still life Vanitas paintings.  There are very few artists with the discipline or the ability to tackle this technique.  We were most impressed with the open ended narrative qualities, contemporizing this technique by showcasing "Lesley's Glasses" with the skull and drapery.  Traditionally, Vanitas discuss the link of beauty and morality.  We feel this painting continues these Shakesperean themes with the use of strong lighting that illuminates the skull, Gray's Anatomy book, notes and glasses.  (Juror's statement)

A Taste of Sicily

Oil on canvas

​16" x 20"

The colors of the Italian Flag

Oil on Board

12" x 16"